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Our Journey

At ScootCommute we are passionate about our environment and want a stress free, environmentally sustainable way of commuting.

Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions from road transport has continued to grow since 1990 despite more efficient cars, because the traffic has increased immensely by a third, according to government figures.


The only way to stop transport from leading us to further climate breakdown is to drastically cut the miles travelled by car and public transport.


Cleaner options such as bicycles and electric scooters need to be made more accessible, which will be good for the health of people and our planet.

On July 4th this year, e-scooters became legalised on our roads in Great Britain, if obtained through a rental scheme.

This gave us confidence that the use of privately owned scooters on public land will follow suit soon.

It is important to us that we educate the public on the safe and legal use of e-scooters, we will only supply reputable brands which have been tried and tested by the manufacturers.

We hope you all join us on our journey!

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